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Developing the logistics infrastructure to facilitate the Energy Transition


In the light of the global inset of the energy transition the challenge is to provide Europe with renewable power and energy sources to replace the current fossil fuel based power and energy sources. Europe is not able to provide all renewable power and energy sources it needs autonomously by itself, hence import from abroad is required. This needs to be technically and economically viable in comparison to the current power and energy economics. The objective of the TransHydrogen Alliance is to develop the required supply chain enabling import of those resources from regions where the physical conditions in combination with technology work in favour of the economics. Therefore the Alliance aims to develop scalable projects, applying a phased approach, allowing for renewable power generation which is used to produce green hydrogen which in turn is converted into green ammonia easing the transport thereof to Europe.

In short the Alliance aims to set up the distributed supply chain to contribute to the fulfillment of the renewable power and energy needs of Europe in a techno-commercial viable manner today.

Vision & Objectives


TransHydrogen Alliance has studied opportunities to establish new green energy supply chains between countries with abundant renewable energy resources that match future supply and demand.


Our vision is that Southern Europe, South America and Africa, can play a global power in the production and export of green hydrogen, leveraging one of the cleanest energy matrices in the world.


Thanks to unique technical solutions and the combination of industry experts in each part of the supply chain, we can start this supply chain within 3 years from today, with large scale up potential. ​


In addition to exports, TransHydrogen Alliance sees a great opportunity in the decarbonization of the energy matrix in due course.

Let’s build the future together!

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