Transhydrogen Alliance

Port of Rotterdam

Port of Rotterdam is a supporting partner of the TransHydrogen Alliance.

The aim of the Port of Rotterdam Authority is to strengthen the competitive position of the port of Rotterdam as a logistics hub and a world-class industrial complex in terms of both size and quality. The Port Authority is able and willing to make an impact and so it is focusing on accelerating sustainability in the port and it is a partner in the digitalisation of the port and logistics chains. The Port Authority’s core tasks are the sustainable development, management and operation of the port, the maintenance of the smooth and safe handling of shipping and supporting the future-resilience of the port of Rotterdam.

About Port of Rotterdam

Port of Rotterdam (“PoR”), is the largest port in Europe, 10th port worldwide.​

  • At this time 13% of the total EU energy-consumption passes through Rotterdam ​
  • Total added value € 45.6 billion (6.2% GNP)​
  • Total employment 385,000 people ​
  • Throughput in 2019 : 469.4 mln tons of which 45% is liquid bulk​
  • 3,000 companies, 29,491 sea-going vessel visits in 2019 & 107,000 inland vessel visits ​

Our philosophy

Ambitious Decarbonisation Plans including Hydrogen Hub of Europe

  • The port is taking a leading role in decarbonising the port industrial complex, 49% reduced in 2030, zero carbon in 2050​
  • Hydrogen is one of the major components of the second step to find new energy systems​
  • Rotterdam expects the hydrogen demand to grow from 0.4mtpa today to 20Mtpa in 2050​
  • 80-90% of that wil arrive from overseas by ship and hence Rotterdam is assisting the development of terminals to allow import of Hydrogen in whichever form is chosen​
  • In this way Rotterdam will become the Hydrogen Hub of Europe​

Why greenAmmonia & the TransHydrogen Alliance​

Green Hydrogen/Ammonia serves as the main import commodity for which the Port of Rotterdam fulfils a key role in access to EU energy market.

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