Transhydrogen Alliance

Proton Ventures

Engineering capabilities across the project’s life-cycle and value chain

Proton Ventures is a technology company that is working to make the global energy transition a reality.  The company specializes in ammonia related technologies and products, including storage concepts for chemical and liquid energy carriers. Proton Ventures designs and builds pressurised and refrigerated ammonia storage facilities, small scale ammonia production facilities ‘NFuel’ units as well as SCR processes.

Project Lifecycle Engineering

About Proton Ventures

Proton Ventures, founded in 2001 by former operational managers of an ammonia plant in the Port of Rotterdam, provides innovative engineering and turnkey solutions for world-scale storage terminals, modular ammonia production units and other related process applications. ​

In 2001, we already foresaw a transition in the energy sector and the chemical industry: On one hand, conventional ammonia production would decarbonise. On the other hand, green hydrogen would going to play a significant role in the energy transition, and sustainable Ammonia is an excellent energy carbon-free carrier / hydrogen carrier. This is why we call ammonia NFuel™, an energy carrier based on nitrogen (N) instead of carbon (C).​

With this vision, Proton Ventures pioneered in the (green) ammonia industry by designing the largest ammonia terminals of Europe and sustainable ammonia plants. Today we develop solutions within the entire chain of (green) ammonia production, storage and ammonia applications such as NH3 decomposition (NH3 cracking).​

Proton Ventures has a team of 25 – 30 strong skilled enthusiastic ammonia experts with offices in Schiedam (NL), Tallinn (Estonia), Calgary (Canada) and Cheyenne (USA). Since 2019 part of the Koolen Industry Group.​

Our philosophy

We strive to be a key player in Green Ammonia Technologies and chemical energy storage making renewable chemicals/energy accessible for everybody. We enable our global partners to benefit from our safe, reliable, efficient and environmentally responsible solutions.​

Why green Ammonia & the TransHydrogen Alliance

Green Ammonia will make green energy and chemicals accessible for everyone in western Europe. We believe that the TransHydrogen Alliance includes all the ingredients to kick start the green Hydrogen/ammonia economy. ​

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