Transhydrogen Alliance


Global ammonia trader with the largest fleet in the world

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Trammo is a privately held company founded in 1965 and located in more than 18 cities around the world. Trammo is engaged in the marketing, trading, and distribution of products such as Ammonia, Sulfur, Sulfuric Acid and Petroleum Coke. In addition, Trammo is a producer and marketer of nitric acid in the United States.

Trammo is the world’s leading independent marketer and transporter of Ammonia representing 24% of global seaborne trade. Trammo is the only global ammonia trader purchasing ammonia through long-term or spot agreements in 25 countries and selling in nearly 35 countries, making Trammo the largest ammonia buyer in the world.

Trammo controls a fleet of 10 to 12 semi and fully refrigerated gas carriers of various sizes under long time charter and regularly charters 20 to 40 vessels per year under voyage charter, making of Trammo the operator of the largest ammonia fleet in the world.

Our philosophy

  • Create access to as many sources and outlets as possible, allowing Trammo to find or absorb any extra tons into its network. Hence, customer benefit from the most lucrative markets thanks to Trammo’s global network.
  • Share our market intelligence. Develop relationships that are not solely focused on price. Provide a service, not just tons Green Ammonia
  • Trammo  strongly  supports  all  sustainable  solutions  for  achieving  carbon  neutralityTrammo  sees  ammonia  as  key  to decarbonization.
  • As the world leading ammonia trader, Trammo intends to actively participate in the green transition of the industry and be a pioneer in the marketing, transportation and trading of green ammonia for new applications such as in hydrogen carrier, maritime fuel or the production of green Fertilizers and Industrial products.

Why green Ammonia & the TransHydrogen Alliance

Trammo is pleased to be part of a consortium uniting companies such as Proton Ventures, GES and VARO in order to explore new innovative solutions in the green ammonia and green energy industries.

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