Transhydrogen Alliance


TransHydrogen Alliance is developing, on a phased basis, a $1.5 billion green hydrogen production facility at the Pecém Port Complex in the Brazilian state of Ceará. The project’s aim is to start with an entry project in 2026 to gain operational experience and via modular expansion produce one million tonnes of green ammonia, as a hydrogen carrier, for import to Europe via the Port of Rotterdam by 2030.

Project Co-Developers

TransHydrogen Alliance is developing the project and its associated renewable energy facilities, in conjunction with one of Brazil’s largest, and most experienced, renewable energy developers, a leading Brazilian energy trader and other potential international energy partners.

Strategic location

Pecém has become the focus for the main green H2 developments in Brazil based upon its strategic location, infrastructure and access to competitive renewables in Northeast Brazil. It is the nearest green H2 export/import route between South America and Europe.